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The Sono Center

Sono Center is a leading radiology facility in Pasadena, CA, specializing in breast screening and the early detection of breast cancers that are most frequently missed with mammography. We’ve been providing women throughout the Los Angeles metro area the peace of mind they need so they can feel confident about their health and wellness. Established more than a decade ago as Breast Ultrasound Center by leading radiologist Dr. Kevin Kelly, the center uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology to detect cancerous lesions in their earliest and most treatable stages.

In clinical trials, SonoCine was 300% more accurate than mammography at detecting small (1cm or less) invasive cancers. Women with dense breast tissue (DBT) or implants benefit most from SonoCine because it is difficult to produce clear images using standard mammography and imaging techniques. DBT and implants DO NOT NEGATIVELY AFFECT your SonoCine ultrasound screening.

Dr. Kelly was one of the first radiologists in Southern California to use ultrasound as a detection and diagnostic tool for breast cancer, working tirelessly to develop the technology. He created the SonoCine Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS) for accurate screening of women with dense tissue or breast implants. AWBUS was developed to detect the lesions that are most frequently missed with mammography, including small, invasive breast cancers in women with dense breast tissue or implants.

The AWBUS technology is automated and standardized, which means it’s not reliant on the proficiency of the technician, and no radiation is used. The technology captures 100 percent of breast tissue, recording findings on video so they can be easily reviewed by the radiologist. In clinical trials, AWBUS was 300 percent more accurate than mammography at detecting invasive breast cancers that were one centimeter or less in diameter. Plus, AWBUS is convenient and pain-free – no compression of the breast tissue is involved.

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Sono Center
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Phone: (626) 381-9430
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Mon–Fri: 8am–5pm
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Meet the Team

At The Sono Center

Edmond Ohanian, D.O.

Medical Director
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Caroline Moss, MD

Breast Imaging & Abdominal Radiologist
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Alyssa Watanabe, MD, FACR

Breast Imaging Radiologist & Neuroradiologist
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Karen L Reuss, MD

Breast Imaging and Body Radiologist
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Isabel Lopez

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Terese Kulaga, RDMS

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Looking to Join Our Team?

Are you interested in joining the team at the Sono Center to help support women with early breast cancer detection? Check out our open positions on Indeed, or send your resume to info@thesonocenter.com if you are interested to learn more about our career opportunities.


What age should I start breast cancer screening exams?2023-06-30T08:54:02-07:00

New American College of Radiology® (ACR®) breast cancer screening guidelines now call for all women, particularly Black and Ashkenazi Jewish women, to have risk assessment by age 25 to determine if screening earlier than age 40 is needed. The ACR continues to recommend annual screening starting at age 40 for women of average risk, but earlier and more intensive screening for high-risk patients.

How does SonoCine compare with competing technology?2023-07-18T08:50:27-07:00

Read about how SonoCine AWBUS compares.

Who performs the actual exam?2023-06-30T09:02:42-07:00

One of our trained ultrasound technologists will guide you through the process and will perform the exam. Click here to learn more about our team.

Is there insurance reimbursement?2023-06-30T09:04:42-07:00

Reimbursement will vary depending on the insurance carrier using CPT Code 76641 (ultrasound, breast, unilateral to include axilla when performed, complete) and charged for each breast. Visit SonoCine’s Reimbursement page to learn more.

What is the difference between SonoCine AWBUS and Mammography?2023-07-18T08:51:31-07:00

SonoCine is an ultrasound technology, uses no x-rays and has no radiation, has no painful compression, and reliably finds 4-10mm breast cancers in all breast tissue types and women with implants.

Mammography is an x-ray technology with painful compression, and misses 50% of the small, easily treatable cancers in women with dense breast tissue or implants.

How is SonoCine better than a handheld ultrasound?2023-07-18T08:53:27-07:00

The SonoCine system is designed to overcome the inconsistencies that result from handheld scanning. The inherent complexity of hand scanning detracts from the ability to recognize subtle findings of cancer. SonoCine technology robotically scans the entirety of both breasts to include the axilla (underarms) and records approximately 3,000 images, which are displayed in a movie format for the radiologist to review.

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“The Sono Center staff takes time and personal care and attention with each patient.”
Vikki F.
“The staff are terrific, and the facility is always clean and calm.”
Denise S.
“I feel safe and secure with this team.”
Tammy P.
“The entire center has a very clean, calming, aesthetic, private and respectful atmosphere.”
Michelle C.
“Having such a caring staff and doctor makes everything so much easier.”
Stacy S.

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